Well guys, I cant wait any longer. I could probably go round in circles for weeks more trying to find new widgets and plugins, but do you know what, the important stuff is there. The pictures, the blurb, but no video yet – the first series of those should be recorded this weekend or next week for definate as Im starting a big garden makeover project (poor you, you get to see my ugly mug 🙂 )


The old website address is:


The new WordPress site is



Can you go and have a look at both of them and let me know what you think. I dont expect you to spend hours trawling over it for mistakes or layout issues (I know it has those), Id just like an overall opinion; does it look good, is it easy to read, is it easy to navigate, can you find the stuff you want to see? That kind of thing.

If you do have any suggestions, please let me know. I love to hear what youve got to say. In the meantime, enjoy your viewing and I hope to hear from you soon.


Oh, by the way, Im already having a record breaking year. Im currently booked 3 months in advance, something that has never happened in my 10 years of trading (andive still got 19 quotes for new landscaping jobs pending


About nickbarban

RHS Qualified Horticulturalist and Garden Coach. I have been maintaining, designing and buidling gardens since 2002. With the company's 10 year anniversary coming up this year Im planning a whole host of stuff to give back, including blogging. Im here to answer your questions, give advice and just natter about anything to do with your garden. I'll be posting pictures and video and Id likr to see your gardens too. Nick Barban

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  1. liking it…great job!

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