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This is a post on their website (https://secure.fera.defra.gov.uk/nonnativespecies/beplantwise/index.cfm

). Not that any of use would bin our plants like this, but its worth knowing.

Invasive aquatic plants can damage our ponds, waterways and the environment.

        Be plant wise and don’t dump aquatic plants in the wild.

The Be Plant Wise campaign, launched by Defra and the Scottish Government, is designed to raise awareness           among gardeners, pond owners and retailers of the damage caused by invasive aquatic plants and to encourage           the public to dispose of these plants correctly. The Horticultural Trade Association, Ornamental           Aquatic Trade Association, Royal Horticultural Society, and wild plant conservation charity Plantlife are           all supporting the campaign.

We have developed resources with advice for gardeners and pond owners and are working closely with retailers           of aquatic plants to provide information in stores. These pages contain the detailed information you need to          Be Plant Wise.


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