Late Winter Sedum

This is what your Sedums should look like round about now. A herbaceous perennial that’s needs to be tidied up, ready for the spring.

Either you can use secateurs to snip them off at the base or if they are dry enough, you can snap them off at the base. Try not to damage the new green leaf.

Late Winter Sedum - Close

Clear away as much of the old dead wood as you can to  leave it tidy. This also prevents the possibility of the old flower stems rotting and causing you problems later in the year.

Sedum - post tidy

If the head that is left is of any great size you can split it. Sedums are excellent for splitting. Dig it out of the ground trying your best not to damage the roots. RULE OF THUMB – Dig into the ground the radius of the leaf head away from the edge eg if the leaf head is 6″ across, dig 3″ away from the edge. Once its out of the ground, use a spade to cut it in half (or smaller if it is a few years old and bigger). Replant it with some fresh juicy compost and Bobs your uncle – 2 plants for the price of one.

Sedum - post tidy close

If you want help or tips on anything else in the garden, drop me a note in the comments and I’ll put something together. Nick


About nickbarban

RHS Qualified Horticulturalist and Garden Coach. I have been maintaining, designing and buidling gardens since 2002. With the company's 10 year anniversary coming up this year Im planning a whole host of stuff to give back, including blogging. Im here to answer your questions, give advice and just natter about anything to do with your garden. I'll be posting pictures and video and Id likr to see your gardens too. Nick Barban

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