I’ve decided to run an experiment in my garden this year.
I moved in about a year and half ago and the garden was close to death. There was no love left in the garden. Grass had been allowed to completely cover the borders. There were a couple of out of place shrubs. There was even an 8ft circular patio in the lawn that we didn’t know was there until I saw a bit of stone showing through. I thought it was hidden steps until I cleared the grass away.
Anyway, spent a lot of time last year finding everything and making it look a little more presentable. Soil was terrible so had to import and mix in about 2000 ltrs of manure to condition it., treatments on the lawn, you get the idea. About 130hrs to bring it to the point of starting to maintain it.
As you can see from the picture I’ve just got this years Parkes guide. I’m going to see if I can fill in the blanks and spaces for £100, with a mixture of colour, form and flowering time. I hope to put a video together for this and post it to YouTube.
I’ll be placing my order in the next week or do.
If you have any plants you’d like to see in my borders, drop me a note. Nick


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