Damned cold weather. No. Not really. I love days like today. It’s a perfect planning day. I had a full days work planned today, but frost and freezing conditions pretty much stops doing anything practical in the garden.
If you really want to be out in the garden, take a notebook and pen and see what projects you’ve got for the year. My first customer of the day has a huge garden. I’ve designed 4 new borders to go in the front garden and wanted to hand over the sketches. I took the opportunity to make a list of other projects for this year. These are
Knock down and remove shed
Prepare ground for 20m of new hedging
Dig out and prepare ground for the 4 new borders
Spring prune on 100m of front hedge
Clear out and define edge of rear 100m border
Reset edging bricks to driveway
Remove and replace fence panels to left hand border of property
Dig out and make good all small dead conifers that someone else planted last year as they are all dead!
And so on
When you look, you’d be surprised what you can do in the garden. See what needs doing and plan you year in the garden over a nice hot cuppa.
Ps if you want a hand planning or want ideas garden changes or improvements leave a comment or visit www.lawnandborder.co.uk for more ideas or to send me an email. Ttfn



About nickbarban

RHS Qualified Horticulturalist and Garden Coach. I have been maintaining, designing and buidling gardens since 2002. With the company's 10 year anniversary coming up this year Im planning a whole host of stuff to give back, including blogging. Im here to answer your questions, give advice and just natter about anything to do with your garden. I'll be posting pictures and video and Id likr to see your gardens too. Nick Barban

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