At least the leaves are coming down slowly this year. Some of you might prefer them to come down all in one go, which happened a couple of years ago, which was a nightmare.
A slow drop at least gives you the opportunity to clear them without getting over run by them. Make sure to keep clearing leaves off your lawn to keep it in the best condition that you can.
Temperatures are such that you will still need to cut your grass for at least the next few weeks. If you are raking your leaves before mowing, notice wether or not leaves are sticking to your lawn. If they are, avoid cutting your grass unless you absolutely have to. The soil structure at the surface can be damaged which can lead to excessive moss next year.
If you are keeping your leaves for compost, bag them in black sacks, hose them with water for 5 seconds and tie up the bag squeezing the air out. They should be ready for spring 2013.
If you have anything to add, please post it here. Thanks


About nickbarban

RHS Qualified Horticulturalist and Garden Coach. I have been maintaining, designing and buidling gardens since 2002. With the company's 10 year anniversary coming up this year Im planning a whole host of stuff to give back, including blogging. Im here to answer your questions, give advice and just natter about anything to do with your garden. I'll be posting pictures and video and Id likr to see your gardens too. Nick Barban

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