Picture below of holly berries. All your little friends in the garden will snap these up over the next few months, but you can help them as well.
If you don’t have a feeder you can put food on ground feeders as well. Nuts, seeds, fat balls, mealworm sticks, seed blocks, suet blocks, fat balls and the list goes on. From recent experience, berry flavour suet blocks are the best chance of getting the greater spotted woodpecker to visit your garden. I’d never seen one before and I’ve had one one visit my garden twice. Well worth the investment of a few pounds. Post your pictures here if you have any feathered visitors to your garden


About nickbarban

RHS Qualified Horticulturalist and Garden Coach. I have been maintaining, designing and buidling gardens since 2002. With the company's 10 year anniversary coming up this year Im planning a whole host of stuff to give back, including blogging. Im here to answer your questions, give advice and just natter about anything to do with your garden. I'll be posting pictures and video and Id likr to see your gardens too. Nick Barban

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