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With all the rain we’ve been having, our lawns are still very soggy. Unfortunately they have grown a lot a need a cut.
If you are thinking of cutting your grass, have a walk on it first. If it squelches under your feet, you need to wait a day or two for it to dry out.
Any mowers with a drive roller can cause ‘smearing’ and this without can cause ‘rutting’ & ‘compaction’. Pray for sunshine and wait a couple of days. You’ll be doing your lawn a favour. NB

Im all for this. its a good read

Schaumburg's Sustainable Future

By Tim Longueil for SUST 210 online

Gardening in our communities has taken a huge upswing in the past few years. Sustainable gardens can be very beneficial to our local ecosystems by providing biodiversity and beautification while being able capture our planet’s natural energy and divert it back to the health of your garden without additional chemical inputs. These self-sustaining gardens can grow food for you to eat like fruits and vegetables as well as herbs and spices.

One thing to keep in mind when designing a garden is finding ways to keep maintenance time/costs down. Learning the basics of when to plant, how to water or fertilize is extremely important to your plants’ health as well as to the environment. Water is an extremely limited resource and we must do whatever we can to minimize use and save as much as we can. Gardeners can start by capturing rainwater…

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Im based in the UK so its nice to see how you guys do it across the pond. Good to know its basically the same. Thanks Guys

Ace Hardware Carlsbad

Keep Your Lawn Thick and Green

Do you enjoy having your lawnlook its best on your street but don’t want to put much effort into it?  Check out some helpful tips to getting your lawn looking its best with minimal effort:

  • Fertilizer, weed killer, and bug prevention. – Buy fertilizer twice a year for the appropriate time of the year.  Use a broadcast spreader and in early Fall, use a winterizer type of fertilizer and at early Spring, use a fertilizer/week killer combo to prepare for Spring.  You can also spread some combo insect killer around mid Spring to prevent ants, grubs and other lawn pests.
  • Cut your lawnat the second highest mower setting.  By mowing each week at the same level, you only cut the tips of the lawn which allows the grass to flourish and the weeds to fail.  Mow the edge of your grass every…

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Love this. This blog covers an area Im rarely asked to help with

Fiona Grows Food

Having an allotment is not just about growing vegetables and fruit. It is a place to go when you need a break, It is a haven from city life. It is a hobby like no other. It is a garden for those without.  It is a place to bring the kids at the weekend, or to sit down with a flask of tea and simply enjoy the view. Some people have them simply for one crop, some people only grow fruit, some people don’t grow food at all and just use their plots for growing flowers.

Myself, I’m growing whatever it is that takes my fancy, whether it be pumpkins, strawberries or some flowers for the bees. I’ve been reading about companion planting lately, a method of gardening where you plant different plants in close proximity which benefit each other, wether it be by pollination, pest control or nutrient uptake. I have…

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Lynton & Lynmouth

Lynmouth harbour

Lynmouth harbour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our nearest town was infact a twin town. Lynton is situated on the cliff tops about 500ft above Lynmouth at the shore line where the rivers from Watersmeet join the see at the small dock. The weather was fine, the tide was low (got a picture of boats resting on sand that i’ve always wanted) and the best fish and chips in the world.

We booked our supplies for the end of week BBQ at the local butchers and then spent a few hours trawling around the shops and allys. I was going to run a story line on all the pictures but I think they speak for themselves. I took around a hundred pictures through the day and i’ve chosen my personal favorites for you to enjoy. You’ll notice half way through, us travelling on a train. Its the only vernicular water powered railway left in Great Britain. Its powered by gravity – cool.

If you have any personal favorites or want to leave a message, please do. Love to hear from you.

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An irrigation sprinkler watering a garden. Bur...

An irrigation sprinkler watering a garden. Bursa / Turkey. Photographed: 120 fps. Display: 10 fps(100ms) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


with this ridiculously warm weather, it’s ever more likely the ‘drought’ will continue and a hose pipe ban will come into force, countywide.
1 WATER YOUR LAWN NOW It might seem silly, but everyone is rushing to the pumps to fill up with fuel before it runs out so why not water your lawn now before the water runs out. DO NOT DO IT DURING THE… DAY. Wait until the sun is completely off your lawn, add half an hour then put the sprinkler on. General rule of thumb, 5 to 10 minutes for every 25m square.
2 GET A WATER BUTT Again, seems silly when we are not getting any rain, but when it does come, catch as much as you can to use with a watering can.
3 CUT YOUR GRASS LONGER You can adjust the height of the cut on your lawn mower. If normally you cut using the 3rd lowest cut, raise it by one or two full notches. One is generally enough, but if we have continued heat and dry, consider two. Don’t just leave your grass to grow. Cut it at regular intervals, just don’t take so much off. If we have mad conditions that last for months, your lawn will suffer, but it will come back much quicker and much healthier than others that don’t follow these tips.
4 DON’T LEAVE STUFF ON YOUR LAWN Footballs, pots, wheelbarrows, chairs, etc. At the best of times, you shouldn’t leave anything in one place on your lawn for more than 3 days anyway. In these conditions, take all the bits off and leave them off. Your lawn will love you for it.
5 JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN’T USE A HOSE DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN’T WATER YOUR GRASS Just use a watering can. Time consuming and laborious but set aside one evening a week and treat your grass to a drink. I hope these are useful for you, LIKE if they are and share it with your friends so they can beat the weather as well.
I’m laying a new lawn this week and I’m keeping a full video diary – the first of the videos should appear on YouTube at the weekend. Until the next time, enjoy the sunshine. Keep drinking water too, you need it just as much as your lawn does. Nick

Turf laying video no. 2 – Rotovating

Turf Laying - Rotovating

Turf Laying - Rotovating

This is the 2nd in the series. There are others for the turf laying but there are a few others that will be along soon.


Have a look and let me know what you think.

See you soon. N ick

New YouTube Video

Turfing Project

Turfing Project

Finally. The first one is here


Have a look and see what you think. Ive got another 10 to do right now but I would love some feed back from you guys. Is it too long, too short, Do I ‘um’ too much, is there more that could be included, how could it be improved. That kind of thing.

However, if you love it, let me know, share it, comment, tweet it, go wild. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Panoramas of Devon

Woody Bay West Side
Woody Bay East Side

Woody Bay East Side

Lynton view of Lymouth Bay Lynmouth Bay Low Tide
Woody Bay Low Tide

Woody Bay Low Tide

Rock Pool with Charlie and Amber

Rock Pool with Charlie and Amber

Soon ill be posting pictures with us in them rather than just the scenery so you’ll finally get a look at me and my georgeous finacee, Kris. You can see her in the next picture, although at a distance. When she grew up in Scotland she lived next to a cobbled stream. She loves rivers, water stony rock pools and so one. This picture is her idea of bliss.





Woody Bay From Cliff Top Woody Bay Station

Woody Bay From Cliff Top Woody Bay Station

Not sure what to give you next time. Maybe the wildlife, maybe the waterfalls and streams. Not decided yet. Hope you enjoyed these piccies. Let me know what you think is the best one as Im struggling to make my mind up! See you soon. Nick